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AL-Jazeera and Amnesty International

Al Jazeera endowed with high skill and technology has become one of the major advocate of the late Weyane Government. At the same time disrespectful of the Ethiopian Government. Al Jazeera’s recent reports indicate that reporting most fitting to the interest of the buried Weyane Tigray’s former administration never caring for the truth of their reports.
News broadcasted on Al Jazeera news in some form or shape promotes the evils that were conducted by the Weyane regime totally ignoring the Ethiopian government. Regime changes that went in Ethiopia was achieved due to the support of the masses.
Perpetuating the evils of Weyane ignoring loss of hundred thousand of innocent lives. The mass explosion of refugees in Sudan is promoted, instigated and wrongly reported on Al Jazeera. These falls information are provided by Amnesty International. Giving the Ethiopian government a non- humanitarian face.
The facts are that the evil Weyane regime was fabricating internal civil wars, leaving the Ethiopia Nation fractured, divided on ethnic and religious lines and almost transformed Ethiopia into failed states. Amnesty International shamelessly promotes and immortalize the wickedness and malevolence of these heinous, evil and criminal organization Weyane.
Reporting on Africa media falsely praises’ their “client states” During the Weyane regime there were reports of Ethiopia’s economic growth in double digit only to hear that 10 to 20 million of its population were faced with dire starvation.
Before the end of Weyane there were one million eight hundred thousand (1,800,000) people who were on food aid in Tigraye region. Today, due to Weyane’s war on the Ethiopian government the number has increased to four million. Relief Services, Food for the hungry and Save the Children are running around the Tigraye region to help and save lives.
Weyane had planned well in toppling the present Ethiopian Government. It attacked the Northern Front Army to disfranchise it. Then head to Amhara region, to Addis Ababa overthrow the government and claim they were the legitimate government as the election was not held in Ethiopia.
From there proceed to Eritrea and overthrow the government and replace it with its puppets who were in Mekle. The plan failed.
Western funders have allotted Billions of dollars to Relief Society of Tigraye. The Ethiopian government has trillions of debt incurred by the Weyane regime. The sum of these funds is in trillions of dollars that went to the coffers of Weyane elites and families. These funds have served the former regime well in buying lobbies, consultants and journalist that promoted the evil deeds of Weyane.
Ethiopia during Weyane regime was the major hub and sub-servant for Western Governments. In the case of Eritrea a forcefully independent nation that refuses to sag or bow, Eritrea is reported as the malevolent state of Africa and continues to be victimized by organization the likes of Amnesty International.
The French president Holland once stated that Eritrea will depopulate due to the young fleeing the country. The fact of the matter is that Eritrea’s Population growth has increased by over 5%. As much as I hate to see people of any nation leave their birthplace there is a positive side of migration. Eritrean refugees have become one of the major sources of income, transferring money into the Eritrean economy. Diaspora Eritreans the great majority are supporters of the government and are ready to defend the national interest at all cost to think otherwise is naivety. Recently over five million (5,000,000.00) US dollars were raised to support the government on COVID 19 in a week.
Al Jazeera and amnesty international couldn’t face the truth that Weyane is dead and buried the funeral ceremony conducted. They absurdly and idiotic claim that the Eritrean army has invaded Tigraye. Echoing and reverberating what Weyane digital is formulating. Al Jazeera and the likes were boastful and arrogantly stating that “Eritrea has no army. The army has deserted and has become refugees in Ethiopia”. You are now misleadingly declaring and alleging that it is the Eritrean army that had finished Weyane in three weeks. What madness, insanity and psychosis.
Amnesty International with the help of Al Jazeera is trying to conceal and divert attention from the World about the atrocities of Weyane. They had recently stated that Tigrai province is in disarray, human rights violation is being committed by the Ethiopian army, Amhara Special Forces and Eritrean army. Today Al Jazeera reported that Amnesty International has interviewed people in Mekle who detailed that the Eritrean army had violated human rights in Tigraye. The world knows well that the Eritrean army is disciplined, highly educated inclusive of college graduates and have been known to choose to take prisoners rather than kill its enemy.
The people who were interviewed might be Weyane sympathizers and former cadres. To report to the world such autocracy is being committed by Eritrean forces is a slap on the face of the Ethiopian government. Total disrespect of Ethiopian’s sovereignty.
The Eritrean army, its government and people value human rights and are no savages. The history is there. The thirty years war was War for the rights of Eritreans: our human rights. The drama conducted by Amnesty International prompted by Al Jazeera will be revealed truth shall prevail.


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