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Wednesday, September 13, 2023
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Berhane Woldu


Asmara a Beautiful city dealing with COVID

Since 1991 Asmara the capital city of Eritrea has regained its old glory; with freedom comes peace and sanity and Asmara is a peaceful...

Eritrea’s Political Development

In the 19th century after hundreds of thousand death and hundred fifty years later Europe accomplished its economic and political goals. In the 20th...

European Union Swaps USA

The peace loving nation of Eritrea like China, Russia and others was mentioned as one of the countries that its national security office is...

Governance in Africa

  Africa, Asia and Europe in the Medieval Ages were ruled by Kings. Today Europe have become the beacon of democracy. Most of the Asian...

Eritrea have developed culture of survival

There are so many people who are opinionated with their own taught about Eritrea’s economic and political status. These people on both sides of...

AL-Jazeera and Amnesty International

  Al Jazeera endowed with high skill and technology has become one of the major advocate of the late Weyane Government. At the same time...

TPLF’s atrocity elapsed!!

Sitting on a the edge of a hill, at Derfo national park that has abundance of wild animals staring at nothing; trying to steal...

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