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TPLF is Barbarian Criminal Organization

Ethiopia during the EPRDF dominated by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was the major hub and sub-servant for Western Governments. Creating misfortune, suffering and destabilizing East Africa. In return Western funders allotted Billions of dollars to Relief Society of Tigray (REST). The sum of these funds were in trillions of dollars that went to the coffers of TPLF’s elites and families. Being monetarily liquidated the TPLF bought and hired consultants, lobbyists and so called journalists to promote the evil deeds of TPLF and sustain its life. These hired guns are now trying to revive the dead TPLF. The American State department has ordered the Ethiopian government to negotiate with the fallen TPLF. An organization that is numbed, obsolete and deceased.

In the past 27 years TPLF have used Government power to enrich the “TPLF Elite” while their subjects were living in poverty and drastic inequalities. TPLF was the undisputed first among equal holders of key posts in the party and the state under Federalism. The Tigraye elite continued to rule, awarding administrative jobs to the few local elites in the periphery with no political integration.  TPLF controlled conglomerates became the biggest investors in the country, amassing manufacturing assets, urban construction sector, financial and service enterprises dominating the economy. 

The EPRDF army became the national defense force and key TPLF figures became the power holders of the upper echelon of the military and security posts. Enough was enough, the people of Ethiopia in unisom revolted and the game was over. TPLF was out of power. TPLF tried to come back to power by strewing violence and chaos. It failed. In November 2020 TPLF staged a massive attack on the Northern Command while the army was sleeping.

The army that was hands and gloves with the people of Tigray. Killed their own army comrades. Run over sleeping army personnel with heavy trucks. Left the dead rotten to be eaten by wild animals. How could one be so vicious, hateful, evil, belligerent and self-destructive

TPLF is a barbarian organization. TPLF believe that they are the chosen rulers of Ethiopia and that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is beneath contempt and requires destruction. TPLF will kill, destroy and loot for their self-evident truth

The TPLF since discarded from power has tried to recuperate power by means of arms and through killing innocent civilians, destroying schools, hospitals, looting humanitarian aid and any infrastructure that serves the public interest. And yet President Biden wants to revive the criminal junta TPLF from the dead. Mr. President: Why is the USA trying to revive the TPLF from the dead? 

The American administration has had grand geopolitical interest. One: complete domination of the world oceans and guarantee control of the international trading route. Two: is to block the emergency of a regional power. America wants to prevent stability in areas where another power might emerge. Its goal is to destabilize not to impose order.  Case in point: since 2001 America has created chaos in the Middle East and South Asia. 

America’s outcome in Iraq and Afghanistan have ended badly for America but the Americans have won the war as long as the Middle East and South Asia. fights each other. With no nation-state to emerge in the Middle East and South Asia as regional power and to challenge the American interests. America has won. In Yugoslavia 30 years ago; the goal was to block the emergence of Serbia’s domination over the Balkans. America’s intervention is never to stabilize conflicts whatever the political rhetoric might be. America intervenes to prevent where another power might arise. 

Ethiopia is a giant with over one hundred million people and abundance of water and natural resources in collaboration with Eritrea can become a regional power. A regional power that can influence the rest of Africa with its self-reliance and independent political ideology. Free from American domination. Ethiopia ruled by Tigray People’s Liberation Front was the major hub and sub-servant for America and western governments and a destabilizer of East Africa. Now that the TPLF is no longer in power, America is scared that a new regional power that is independent of America and western power is emerging. Hence America is doing all it can to seed life into the dead TPLF and destabilize the region. 

The people of Ethiopia have experienced the brutality of TPLF and have revolted bringing an end to TPLF’s cruel, ruthless and fierce governance in 2018. The past two years after TPLF departed to Mekell, the TPLF propagated violence, tried to assassinate officials, and sowed chaos against the government. In 2020 the TPLF waged war against an elected government and people of Ethiopia killing innocent civilians, destroying properties, looting humanitarian aid and bringing the country into turmoil. Yet America is helping in every possible way this Barbarian criminal organization for its geopolitical interest at the cost of so much human misery and the distraction of a nation state.     




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