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Eritrea and HoA at large lost its hero – Tesfaye Gebreab

It’s with a heavy heart we are sharing this shocking sad news we received earlier yesterday morning; the passing-away of our beloved, one of greatest authors of all time and prominent anthropologist brother Tesfaye Gebreab. Throughout his life he has published more than 11 outstanding books with state of the art writing skill, a skill that has elevated the literature status of the region to a higher ground like no others before. 

Tesfaye’s contribution was not only contained to literature, through his books he also had awaken millions by gently and genuinely dismantling ruling elites dogmas and narratives and re-educating by rewriting the factual errors of history of the region

After a major surgery a few weeks ago, Tesfaye was recovering well and our hopes were almost certain that he would be coming home soon and preparations for his homecoming were on the way. But unfortunately due to a sudden turn and very quick health deterioration from the surgery, we lost him in the early hours of yesterday 12/24/2021 in a hospital where he was being treated. 

May his Soul Rest in peace


  1. There are always two sides to a story, despite the fact that Tesfaye was a mesmerizing writer, he was also a sower of hate, evil and decisive stories, always adding fuel to a fire to further separate the Oromos and Amharas by feeding unfounded and undocumented allegations and crimes committed by Amharas against their fellow brothers, the Oromos. Of course his contributions to the our rich literature will not go without notice. In spite of our pains and sorrows inflicted upon us due to Tesfaye’s misleading information, we have sincerely forgiven him and pray that his soul will Rest In Peace. We also extend our our condolences to his family and friends.
    Yiftu Hailu.

  2. ተስፋይ፡ ኣምላኽ ኣብ ገነቱ ይቀበልካ!

    ዕላማኻ ኣብ መትከል ወትሩ ቀጻሊ’ ዩ።


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