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Eritrea is not for sale!

15 publishers and representatives of human rights advocacy groups in a joint appeal in Dagens Nyheter have published an article, saying that it is time for the Swedish government to reconsider its policy to get Dawit Isaak and other journalists free from Eritrea where they are imprisoned.

Let us leave the question of why these “journalists” are imprisoned for the Eritrean government, since they are the only one believed to have complete information and clear picture of the matter, and instead respond to the very outdated, arrogant and very repulsive neo-colonial proposal presented by these publishers and human rights advocacy groups.

What these publishers and human rights advocacy groups are saying between the lines is that the Swedish government, with the help of the EU, should try to exert tangible pressure on Eritrea and thereby try to bring the country down on its knees, if possible also try to bring regime changes in Eritrea.

To achieve the intended effects, Eritrea will then, according to the publishers and human rights advocacy groups, either be denied aid or attracted with increased aid, and thereby, affect the current diplomatic deadlock and change conditions, and create a favorable political climate for Sweden and the EU.

What these so-called publicists and human rights advocacy groups missed and/or have poor knowledge of is that Eritrea is not on the list of countries that Sweden can influence with its aid stick.

The publishers and human rights advocacy groups, who assumes have solutions for all complex geopolitics problem of the world, should have understood that it is impossible to bring Eritrea down on its knees, this is because just for the simple reason that Eritrea does not receive neither humanitarian nor other kinds of assistance from Sweden or elsewhere. Eritrea had purposely rejected the politicized aid system for the last two decades understanding the implication and psychological burden aid would create within societies. Just for the record, one of Eritrea’s widely known slogans is “Aid Cripples!”.

Eritrea is the only country in Africa which Sweden and Europe can not influence through their carrot or stick policy!

Eritrea’s position on aid is well known to the international community. In fact, Eritrea´s position on this complex crippling aid issue has gained a worldwide reputation, Eritrea is often referred as “the nation that is not for sale”. What we have witnessed in recent years is that more and more countries in Africa are adapting Eritrea´s position on aid and the latest in raw to join this revolution in Ethiopia.

The publishers and human rights advocacy groups seem to live in their own bubble of  worldviews which sadly don´t have any anchor to the prevailing current situation in the Horn of Africa in general and Eritrea in particular. Let us remind these so-called publishers and human rights advocacy groups and elaborate a very high-level historical background why their outdated proposal, which belongs in the colonial era, does not bite on Eritrea.

    1. The resilient people of Eritrea had fought a 30 years long bloody war for their independence. They had to scarify their blood to materialize independence, a reality which Sweden was not willing to accept, even worse than that, Sweden was among those countries that stood on the wrong side of history regarding the Eritrean issue. A question to the publishers and human rights advocacy groups, where was Sweden when the Eritrean people were burned with the Napalm bomb for 30 years?
    2. Why haven’t we heard a single sound from Sweden about upholding the verdict given by the International Border Court in Den Hague on the border dispute between Eritrea and Ethiopia? This verdict was announced on 13 April 2002, 19 years ago, to the contrary, Sweden and its allies had no stone left unturned to undermine the verdict. In fact, Sweden and its allies were seen cradling the then Ethiopian regime in their arms. What moral grounds does Sweden has to talk about law and order
    3. Eritrea is an independent country in its full sense and with a very clear strategy on partnership, also known for its stanch stance against aid. If the collective west is really about assisting countries to achieve economic independence, they should have  supported and encouraged Eritrea. Despite the pretentions of aid assistance by the collective west, in reality Eritrea´s and any other country´s aspiration toward achieving economic independence and food security have been met with strong resistance, skepticism and arrogance by the West Camp, including Sweden. Why would Sweden and its allies insist on giving aid instead of supporting and encouraging Eritrea and other nations that are striving to achieve financial independence and food security? Is it because aid is used to remotely control and steer countries? If so, the records shows that Eritrea has long ago achieved food security and is one of few African countries that has met the MDG goals and also performing will on SDG with its very limit yet very well managed resources, and all this without any external support!
    4. Eritrea has always its doors open for a serious partnership based on mutual respect and cooperation, hence, all economic aid and humanitarian assistance are considered as neocolonial instruments to force countries into submissions. What is it Sweden does not understand here and why is Sweden try to portrait Eritrea as if Eritrea is Sweden´s aid darlin? Why is the collective west always try to lecture the global south countries on what should priorities or not?

Two decades of political and diplomatic pressures, mass media bullying, sanctions, arms embargoes, isolation attempts, economic sabotage, financing and orchestrating exodus of Eritrean in an attempt to drain youth out of Eritrea through unconditional free asylum for all who “claim” to prove that they are Eritreans, and many other state-funded obstacles have proven miserably failed. 

It’s time for these so called publishers and human rights advocacy groups to step out from their unrealistic worldview and try to adapt to prevailing geopolitical an historical reality of the globe. Eritrea is not for sale!

What these publishers and human rights advocacy groups are propagating for is not an isolated phenomena that only target Eritrea, nor it is a new proposal, it is rather an instance of the neo-liberal ideology and the political systems of nations that is on the steering wheel of this ideology. These nations see themselves as absolute democratic, generators of world’s best values and champions of moral high-grounds, while the prevailing reality, history and the records on the grounds speaks the contrary.

Recently Joseph Borell, High representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, told the Russian foreign Sergey Lavrov to stay out of Africa.
According to Lavrov, Borell literally said “You better not work in Africa because Africa is our place”.  Yes, in the greedy eyes of colonialists and neocolonialist with neo-liberal ideology, Africa have been and will always be their property. For the sake of enlightenment, this kind of psychology and state of mind is what Eritrea and Eritrean have been fighting for the last 8 decades.

Eritrea has mastered the art of surviving with their own resources and under heavy pressures. Additionally, Eritrea has managed to create a national identity bolder than basalt rock, through which the people have developed a culture of playing a crucial role in the nation-building process.

Eritrea is always open for constructive dialogs and cooperation in all areas, but does not accept any threats or pressure from anyone! Sweden and the EU should look for other humble and constructive engagement methods and stop trying to dictate old dogma, because Eritrea is not for sale.


  1. Thank you Shida Media! For eloquently describing the situation. The so called publishers and representatives of human rights advocacy are bankrupt and have no clue what they are talking about.

    Eritrea prevails!!!!

  2. Thank God to the change in information technology. These institutions have blinded the world for centuries because they only had access to the media. Their dirty work is exposed openly now. They are not fooling us.


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