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Eritrea have developed culture of survival

There are so many people who are opinionated with their own taught about Eritrea’s economic and political status. These people on both sides of the spectrum have no deep knowledge of politics or economic development. They throw out testimonies that they think is the truth. Most people are positive. They acknowledge that the country is young, started with meager economy and face’s many challenges.

Then there are those few with little knowledge of the political economy dynamics of Eritrea who bluntly say that there is no Democracy, no modernisation and no water. No of everything. Dumb found I answer “like Saints and Angles we live without water”. Some Eritreans especially those who live in big cities asks questions of modern times forgetting that we are still at development stage. What is said is based on cock-and-bull story. I’m not saying that Eritrea is problem free like any nation it has its growing pains. Eritrea is working hard promoting macroeconomic stability, education, health care, transportation, water supply, energy and environment to beget to fruition a strong modernised State.

One can’t blame the common person with little understanding of governance for complaining. That is a limitation. What startles me is when one hears or reads the opinion of well-educated persons and some who were active in the liberation of Eritrea claim there is no Democracy in Eritrea. History tells us that Democracy or constitutional governance emerged in the Western Nations gradually over centuries and incrementally. Democracy was accomplished over many generation. Ignoring these facts they report false hood. These political elites have betrayed their dedication and love of country for selfish interests. “Eritrean Quislings League (EQL) and Defeatist” betraying their martyred brothers and sisters have become treacherous, faithless and disloyal. EQL and Defeatists have no moral value, no political agenda and no mission than to destabilise a nation of seven million people to clench political power and thirst for money: greed.

The EQL and Defeatists supported by their handlers have tried every trick in the book to destabilise Eritrea forgetting the resilience of the Eritrean people. Eritrean People’s Liberation Front has overcome sabotages.

The Eritrean Government has once again faced challenges, betrayals, and sabotages. Like yesteryears the “Eritrean Quislings League” “Weyane Lovers and “Defeatist” has now transpire as irrelevant and immaterial nothing more than pest. Their handlers and masters are gone forever.

Just to remind you some of their deeds let’s look at their activities. As Minister Sebhat Efreme said “whoever wants to forget the atrocity against Eritrea can forget; we Eritreans won’t forget”. The defeatist gave congressional testimonies as evil precedes goodness. Umbrella groups, Freedom Friday, rumours about President Isaias’s health, Eritrea will blow and the Hermit kingdom were gismos said about Eritrea. In 2009 resolution 1907 and in 2011 resolution 2023 were passed by the Security Council sanctioning Eritrea. Financed by Weyane these Eritrean Quislings League and Defeatist promoted, lobbied, endorsed, saluted and ballyhooed these gismos as if it was the end of SHABIA: Peoples Front for Democracy and Justice.

Financed and trained by Weyane and their Western masters they tried to overthrow the government. The EQL and defeatist conducted several seminars all over the World bad mouthing and spreading falls hood. They became human trafficker’s encouraging Eritrean youth to flee their country. Some appeared as opposition political organisation taking their orders from Weyane conducted meetings in Addis Ababa and retrieved their payments.

The same group appeared and reappeared as an opposition political parties giving themselves new names. They were faster than a fairy fire to criticise the Government on everything; rain or shine. How shamed a mother to have had such children.

The brave, resilient, disciplined, and hardworking Eritreans are developing Eritrea and marching forward. While the dogs bark the camel is marching. Eritreans are faithful, keen, and loyal to the nation pursuing their love of country. Eritreans are labouring hard in order to create a better version of existence, values, culture and way of life that will endure for generation to come. This is what a genuine authentic Eritrean has ingrained in her or his soul; dedication and love of Country. We have overcome!


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