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Eritrean Defence Forces complete their mission to Ethiopian

Ever Since, the TPLF Junta was forced to retreat to Mekele in 2018, it had been planning and preparing for full scale war to regain power with force and accomplish its agenda of returning to central power.
While the records of TPLF´s misadventures in the region for the last 3 decades are there to speak for themselves, Its latest barbaric act to instigate yet another misadventure of regional disintegration have been secret of the square in the past five months. This dangerous misadventure of TPLF plan have been there as a plan B option for a longer period and became TPLS´s plan A alternative since 2018 peace agreement between Ethiopia Federal Government and state of Eritrea.
After completing its full preparation, in November 2020 the Junta started its misadventure by unleashing an attack on the Ethiopian Northern Command Defence Units while the army was at sleep. It executed dozens of the Ethiopian army members, disintegrated the vast amount of the Northern Command Unit, looted almost all the heavy military hardwares and start its trip towards Menelik the II´s Arat Kilo Palace in Addis Ababa by attacking the Amhara region forces as its next step. simultaneously TPLF was unprovoked and without any justification started firing rockets on Eritrean cities and were committing acts of terrors on Eritrea.
The Eritrean Government(GOE), Eritrean National Security Service and Eritrean Defence Forces were studying the developing events rigorously and thoroughly.
GOE had refined and real-time intelligence data on TPLF misadventures and its movement in relation to the very fast changing events and reality on the ground. 
Based on the intelligence data the GOE had acquired, it concluded that the Ethiopian Government, Ethiopian Intelligence Agency (INSA) and Central Defence Command(aka Federal Army), due to the atrocities committed on its Northern Command Units and the destruction made on vital military communication infrastructures in TPLF ruled Tigray, had lost its control on Northern Command Units and all the military hardwares these Units possessed. By the same token, the Ethiopian Government was not in position to defend the unwarranted atrocities TPLF had unleashed on it. Therefore the Government of Eritrea decided to enter Ethiopia to
1. Defend Eritrea from acts of terrors and rocket bombardments
2. Save Ethiopia from being disintegrated and from falling again at the hands of TPLF criminal groups who have havoc the region for the last 3 decades and worked a subservient agent to suppress Eritrea
3. Eliminate TPLF once and for all from the region and secure peace and stability in the region
The Eritrean Government, Eritrean National Security Service and Eritrean Defence Forces as usual executed the tasks excellently. They defended its country, they supported Ethiopia gaining control, they supported Ethiopia to eradicate TPLF from the region.
By doing so, the Eritrean Government and Defence Forces played unmatched and very important heroic role in securing the continuation of Ethiopia, guaranteeing peace and security and supporting the brave Ethiopian forces gaining momentum, For this to happen, Eritrean people have paid very high prices.
Ethiopian should never forget Eritrea´s sacrifice and should always praised and recognise it. Eritreans have played the very game changer role to save Ethiopian from disintegration.
After accomplishing its task The Eritrean Defence Forces Units, on March 26 2021, have been ordered to return to its beloved, proud and island of peace nation Eritrea.
Long live to the brotherly and sisterly friendship of Eritrea and Ethiopia!


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