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Venturing out to different parts of the country one can see the different development projects and be impressed by what has been achieved and understand what the future prospect of Eritrea is.

Eritrea’s political, social values and wants are also in sync. Political stability, perpetual peace, low corruption, common interest, shared value, strong militarily and security structures and its renowned national unity are among its comparative advantages. As it is the standard of the strong willed people and the leadership, Eritrea today has overcome many foreign driven challenges and is in a much better position than most of its counterparts. Thanks to the youth of Eritrea. 

Eritrea as a nation has completed the first phase of its economic development program and has now leaped forward to the second phase: that is to attain Social housing, cheaper food prices and prosper life for the population with a bright future for the youth. The next twenty five years are as bright as the rising sun for Eritrea; endowed with ample political and human capital. 

High national unity and love of country has become the main source of political strength that Eritrea possesses. Time and time again the Eritrean people were able to defeat their enemy and evil wishers due to their political will  ground reality awareness. Eritrea is the most peaceful country in the East African region with eternal peace and unity. 

This endless eternal peace is the prerequisite for all types of development. Eritrea also possesses a strong government that is free of corruption and trusted by the population with high social capital. Devoted to promote Social justice and equal distribution of development in all six regions of the country. That is based on the Golden Principle of political and economic independence and self-reliance free from external support and dependency.

The Eritrea people due to their unity with a motto of “One Heart One People ” respect, consonance, equanimity and tranquility has a strong political culture. This strong united culture with a clean, participative and just political system is a capital for the next stage of development. 

Any nation’s greatest asset for development and continued existence is its human capital. Eritrea has accomplished many great things in its human development goal. Knowing full well that a skilled and healthy population is key to economic development the government has worked hard in distribution of education and health services to every corner of the country. 

Through education, social mobilization has increased. With good health policies the mortality rate has decreased and life expectancy has reached 68. (One could refer to the WHO and UN reports as to the accomplishments of Eritrea). Eritrean high education institutions are producing highly skilled nationals.

Colleges have graduated hundreds of thousands of young adults with different fields of study with degrees and sending many more overseas for further education. These graduates have acquired skills that are vital for the development of the country. Highly skilled educated young adults are becoming the agent of change in the rapid social, economic and political development of Eritrea.  

The Eritrea people are not building a few high rise apartments and shopping malls for the very few rich people to enjoy life. That is not what Eritreans call economic development. Many African countries, while millions of their citizens are deprived of health care, education and clean water have prioritized modernization with no eternal peace, unity, love of country and much civil disorder and war. 

Eritrea on the other hand is a stable and peaceful country that has strong national unity. It’s a country that is built on shared sacrifices and as such all its citizens are equally rich value wise. The Eritrean people and its leadership are humble, honest, and down to earth and not sick with self-gratification. 

Every stage of development has its challenges like in the past years Eritrea will face challenges. As we progress to the next developmental stage the challenges will be there; we just have to overcome these challenges and move on to better things. The challenges are understood.

The social capital that we acquire as Eritreans such as eternal peace, tranquility, political strength, human capital, Social values, self-confidence and economic wealth are seen by others as a threat and would try to erode and disintegrate our hard earned political and human capital. Understanding these challenges Eritrean youth have the responsibility as their forefathers and mothers to strengthen their eternal unity and overcome these challenges. 

Our strength radiates from our political faith and belief in shared values of social wellbeing rather than individual interest. Our belief and prioritizing common interest should be our main focus as individualism is the greatest threat to our unity. Hence the youth needs to be politically aware. In order to navigate our economic development we as a nation have to be strong militarily. 

“If you desire peace, be ready for war” youth that are well trained militarily are necessary for peaceful economic development. To ascertain our vision, mission and goal of a peaceful, developed nation and to overcome outside forces challenges we as a nation have to stay alert and ready. As a nation we will enhance our political strength and will; unity as one; as well as our ability to defend and develop our nation. 

Eritreans understand and have internalized that a nation can retain its national wealth, live in peace, with its culture and value by staying strong, mighty and educated. Political, economic, cultural, military strength, quality and endowment that Eritrea has will be developed further to a higher level. The youth as their forefathers have taken the responsibility of transforming the country into the next level of prosperity. Seeing the youth working hard in every sector of the nation is testimonial and promising of what Eritrea will look like in the near future.     



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