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Ethiopia Ally or a USA Colony

USA’s recent action has put many politicians in disarray and for some questioning if Ethiopia is an ally or a colony of the USA. The US State Department has told the Ethiopian government to pull out its army out of the Tigray province of Ethiopia and sanction its top leaders. Unheard of! 

Ethiopia has had a long history of cooperation with the US and a staunch ally. If one looks at the history of partnership it goes back at least a hundred year. Ethiopia was one of the countries that contributed its army to the Korean War, The Mutual Defense Treaty that awarded the USA: a base in Massawa on the Red Sea, radio navy communication center, bequeathed the Kagnew Station in Asmara that served the US with intelligence gathering and monitoring capacities. From Kagnew base, the US monitored the communication and activities of the former Soviet Union. Kagnew was the base where the USA kept open ears and eyes on Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Indian Ocean. Ethiopia’s past 27 years as a hub and servant for the US and European interest in Africa and its subservient role in Somalia and South Sudan on behalf of its masters has come to an end. All 27 years of service are now  forgotten. The US seems to have lost its compass on Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is a rising giant with 110,000,000 population, the richest country in water resources; high culture of Independence and with a history of proud people. It has a rich diaspora population that can send remittances to their motherland. Minimizing foreign aid.  

Looking back at the US role in Africa there is much to be said. Remembering Obama hitting the drum, preaching African leaders. As it was the first such visit by a sitting American president to Africa one can say it was a historic opportunity at least for Obama. His leadership later on in the seven years of his presidency gave little attention to Africa. President Biden; then vice president is back as president; will his policy be better for Africa? Biden’s foreign minister statement and imposing sanctions on Ethiopia is an indication that his leadership is more intrusive than Obama and doesn’t seem to respect a nation’s Sovereignty.  Meddling in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. 

Mr. Obama’s passivity, ignoring Africa being less personally engaged in foreign policy matters and avoiding US foreign entanglement and his retreat had little influence. Half a century before Obama, J F Kennedy, remembered as one of the great leaders of his time had a much better accomplishment and implementation of an economic model tailored for Africa “The Five Stages of Development” and The Peace Corps. Clinton and Gorge Bush Jr had done more for African than an African blooded president Obama. President Trump even stated that he saved a country and someone else was awarded the Nobel prize for peace. Meaning Dr. Abiy Ahmed the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. During his presidency, What Biden can offer Africa is not yet clear, maybe  “Tough Love” and good governance? Will he repeat the Obama policy of supporting bad governance and rent seekers?  

The US State department has ordered the Ethiopian government to pull out its Amhara Special Forces troop and Eritrean army from Tigray province and negotiate with the fallen TPLF. An organization that is benumbed, obsolete and deceased. 

How can the Ethiopian people forget what happened to its Northern Front Army? The army that was hands and gloves with the people of Tigray. Weyane took the first offensive while the army was asleep. Killed their own army comrades. Run over some of them with heavy trucks. Left the dead rotten to be eaten by wild animals. How could one be so vicious, hateful, evil, belligerent and self-destructive? TPLF had planned after dismantling the Northern Front army to take over the Amhara region from their advance to Addis Ababa to recuperate power. Simultaneously TPLF plan was to march northward to Eritrea and capture Asmara and overthrow the government. The misadventure of TPLF generated from a total miscalculation of undermining the sophisticated Eritrean army strength and the dynamic regrouping pace of the Ethiopian army led later to the abolition of TPLF in just 17 days.  President Biden wants now to revive the criminal junta TPLF from the dead. Mr. President: Only Jesus can rise from death. 

Mulugetta W/Gebreale a former TPLF fighter in his book The Respected Criminals States that: The Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) top echelon that dominated the Ethiopian ruling party facilitated “land grab.” Many multinational companies and foreign private speculators leased millions of acres of the country’s most fertile territory from the government at bargain basement prices. Engendered numerous human rights violations, poverty and drastic inequalities. Around 90 percent of the population suffers from numerous deprivations, ranging from insufficient access to education to inadequate health care; and more than 30 million people facing chronic food shortages all accounted to the greed of TPLF leaders. The TPLF while in power looted the country and became rich; it’s estimated that the TPLF leadership looted 11 billion US dollars. Indebted the country with 24.7 billion US dollars. 70% of the countries’ economy was owned by TPLF’s company EFFORT. An endowment. They imprisoned oppositions, they promoted theft and dishonesty, corruption was rampant, and divided the country on ethnic lines. They destroyed the value and norms of what being an Ethiopian meant a country with rich culture.    

In summing up; Ethiopia is a rising giant with 110,000,000 population, the richest country in water resources and numerous nations desiring to have tight relations with it. President Biden needs to rectify his wrong policy towards Ethiopia and come with constructive African policy, and become engaged in the welfare of Africans. Advocating for failed leaders that had committed crimes is not to the interest of the USA. Avoiding confrontation and formulating positive relationships with African leaders that are serving the interest of their people should be the surmount policy towards Africa. 

African people’s needs are good governance, beneficial use of national wealth, respect of nation’s sovereignty, partnership in investments and trade that are the unseen arbiters of power. 


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