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European Union Swaps USA

The peace loving nation of Eritrea like China, Russia and others was mentioned as one of the countries that its national security office is unlawfully sanctioned by the European Union bogus fictitious allegation that the office has violated Human Rights. Bear in mind this is not a ministry but a small directorate with few personnel.
Remember the old days when the USA was sanctioning Eritrea to destabilise it and empower their old client government of Ethiopia Weyane (TPLF). It was avowed and declared that “Eritrea arms al Shabab in Somalia”. Contention that there is a border dispute between Eritrea and Djibouti. Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG) experts and diplomatic personnel have time and again stated that they have not found a shred of evidence of Eritrea’s arm support to Al-Shabab.

It’s evident that the support to al Shaba and Djibouti border problems were “cooked” by Western security apparatuses. What’s new with the European sanction claiming that the Eritrean National Security agency is violating Human rights?
Before going to answer the question let me remind you that the European Union and the USA were publicly stating that Warsaye Yekalo School (Sawa) was a military camp. The Bisaha Mining Company was endowed with forced labor. Conscription to the Military was forced and never ending. National services were never ending. Eritrea was the Hermit Kingdom. Obama once professed and affirmed that he will drain Eritrea of its Youth to weaken the Government.

Where is Eritrea today? Simple answer that any dummy and mock can answer: strong State as ever.

The European Union does not like the self-confidence that the Eritrean nationals are endowed with. The Colonial Europe is flexing its muscle to subjugate poor countries like Eritrea, by political dominance, accommodating them as a client state, and take their National Wealth for cheap. Let’s not forget the Franco African countries that are still under the Colonial treat.
A treat that exploits Franco African countries of their national wealth and independent political governance. Eritrea a young African Nation is being punished for resisting dominance by the Western powers.
It’s clearly stated by evidence supplied by many news organisations, “Wikileaks” as well as books like “The Way of The Knife” by Mark Mazzetti which describes the activities of the Western Security and CIA with order from the White House and European parliaments who Wage secret war in as many places as possible sometimes outsourced war using proxy forces and warlords to achieve the goal of “Destabilisation of Nation States”.
According to Mazzetti; traditional wartime chain of command passing from the White House to the Secretary of Defence to a four-star commander with a staff of hundreds to build and
execute a war plan had quietly been circumvented. CIA is now a military command running a clandestine, global war with a skeleton staff and very little oversight. Only small groups at the White House are overseeing decisions about who should be over thrown from power, captured, who should be killed, and who should be spared.
Further into his book Mazzetti states: With long animosities between Ethiopia and Somalia TPLF Weyane presented its self as a Christian state was taken as natural allies for the Western powers. TPLF and EPRDF leadership serving their finical interest turned the Ethiopian nation as client State of the super powers; having failed with the Warlords Ethiopian army became America’s new proxy force in Somalia.

General John Abizaid, of Central Command went to Addis Ababa and assured the Ethiopian officials of all the help they needed. An American official stationed in Addis in 2006 stated that “we are getting the Ethiopians fight our war” meaning the Weyanes.

It’s clear to the blind eye that the Western Democracy has been the force of destabilisation
withassistance from client states like the former Ethiopian government Weyane. The European Union is concealing and divert attention from the World about the atrocities of Weyane and trying to bequeath life to their subservient Weyane who has expired. Weyane had over two hundred thousand personnel in its internal security services that was committing atrocites against innocent population and position politicians.

Why then didn’t the European Union intervene to assist the people who were being killed, detained and suffered under the Weyane leadership in Ethiopia?


European Union if concerned about human rights should call on France to negate the Colonial Treaty that enriches France at the cost and price imposed on poor Franco African countries for so long with so much hardship and destitute. What a double standard: European Union captivating the morale high.
The Eritrean government and people value human rights. The thirty years war was War for the rights of Eritreans: our human rights. Rights that Eritrea was deprived of by the Western powers after World War II. Eritrea is an innocent by standard who refuses to be a client state to serve the interest of super powers or sell its national wealth for cheap. People of Eritrea and the Government in no way or shape will curvature or scum to the power of the Western power as always the people of Eritrea in unison and concomitantly will overcome these challenges.




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