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Human Rights abused by Western Powers

Western powers can declare war and impose economic sanction, they are the Imperial Monarch of the World. Using their powers they are grueling and backbreaking their foes: the new normal. The Western powers literally speaking have used their power like a stick to beat the feeble, weak and poor countries.
In 2017 “United State of America government agencies and departments banned the export of munitions, technologies and other goods to the Eritrean navy.” Recently; the European Union sanctioned the Eritrean security office. Is Eritrea a country on equal terms with the likes of Iran at the verge of acquiring a missile system? Simple truth: Westerners wants to control the Red Sea and East Africa. The Western strategic design: regional states turned into a weak domain of sectarian, ethical, social and political disintegration with no sovereignty.
Thomas Jefferson said “single act of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day, but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of presidents too plainly prove a deliberate systematic plan of reducing us to slavery”.
The Eritrea people and Government are refined with high principle. A simple analysis: Coffee, a social necessity in Eritrea, a fact of life for Eritrea’s nine ethnic groups is one of the domains of historical perspective. Coffee begins like any other plant, flower, seeds, planted in carefully cultivated climate and location. The location matters and has its own distinct flavours. After three years, a coffee plant bares fruits, harvested with meticulous control and painstaking effort for the finest of fine beans. They are subject to processing, died naturally procedure, polished, and sorted by hand, inspected for flows and defects. No doubt, unsatisfactory products are discarded and removed (just as the “Quasi Leagues” and “defeatist” in the Eritrean narrative). They are roasted and withdrawn and cooled with rigorous attention to timing for honed taste. The finest of fine beans placed into prearranged categories its life affected by the divine.
As the processes of fine divine Coffee the people of Eritrea are exceptionally extraordinary they are seasoned. Time and again Eritrean Heroes and Heroines have weathered challenges brought upon them from the Americans, European colonialists and Communist Nations. As usual Eritrean’s inner faith and conviction will negate and repudiate the lies, fake news and made up accusations. The people and government of Eritrea have for the last 70 years defeated and overcome all hostilities. It is a country that achieved her independence by its own intrinsic worth. Thousands of Eritreans fought and died for its independence and sovereignty so the generation who are to come in their proxy can enjoy the human rights of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Eritreans are people of high integrity, honor, conviction, decorous, kind, trusted, and immersed with Love of Country and fellow, enshrined to humanity and indispensable to the survival of free Eritrea. No one however rich, strong, developed and possessed with might can subjugate Eritreans.
Britain was a protector in Eritrea for 10 years. Michelle Wrong in her book “I didn’t do it for you” states that Britain upon its departure had looted over 100 billion sterling from Eritrea. Denying Eritrea its right to independence and the unjust sanction are historical facts that the Western attitude and stance towards Eritrea continues to be fraught and laden with injustice. Nothing of surprise there. Western Nations have brought distraction to Iraq, Libya, and Syria where civilians are massacred property destroyed.
Minorities in Western country are subjected to poor living conditions. In Sub-Sahara Africa they have looted millions of dollars of wealth. Central Republic Congo, Senegal, Somalia, Mali and Niger have become the killing fields of civilians. There are many countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Australia, Europe and the whole World that violate Human rights we hear nothing about. Why then are Western powers so adamant about Human rights in Eritrea? Knowing full well that Eritrea has cherished human rights that is treasured in its culture and value since inception. Could it be that Eritrea is a threat to the interest of the Western powers? A bad example of Good things: such as self-reliance, getting fair value for its natural wealth.
Human Rights are universal and internationally protected code of rights a broad range internationally accepted rights; inclusive of economic, social, and cultural as well as civil and political rights. In agreement with the World Eritrea believes that People have certain natural and irreversible rights; that all human have the rights to free health, food, employment and equal distribution of national wealth. As such in Eritrea you have the right to free education, free health care, and free land to farm and build your house (where else does one get free land), equal distribution of National wealth and social services.
As you have rights you have duties. Like any country in the world Eritrea has laws and laws have to be respected. If one doesn’t respect the law regardless of his or her social standing one has to face justice. Rights are based on law from real laws come real rights, accepting and being governed by law is part and the essence of being an Eritrean. Eritreans choose how to live, what to cherish and treasure no other power has the right to impose their values on Eritrea.



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