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The Life and Works of Tesfaye Gebreab, a Celebration

Recently, we all were hit by despair when we heard the very sad news of the sudden and unexpected passing-away of one of our time’s greatest writers, anthropologist and influencer Tesfaye Gebreab at the hospital in Nairobi where he was getting medical treatment.

Tesfaye had many running and planned projects and was very enthusiastic about his future projects and had a strong-will to give us more. He had a vision of launching one book every 3 months, books which would have helped a lot to correct the distorted and twisted historical narration in the region. Unfortunately, time came to its end for Tesfaye too soon and we lost a source of great hope and unmatched caliber too early.

Fortunately, Tesfaye Gebreab was a very productive person and had left behind lasting  legacy which will continue to educate, impact and influence generations 

To celebrate his lifetime achievements and legacy, Tesfaye Gebreab readers and friends world wide have organized an online live legacy celebration event which will be broadcasted on Sunday 23th of Jan 4PM Central European Time, 10AM New York Time, 7AM LA Time, 6PM Asmara Time

The Event will be live broadcasted at

Shida Media YouTube channel and Facebook page



EriExpress Media YouTube channel and Facebook page



Horn of Africa TV YouTube channel and Facebook page



Stay tuned!



  1. I had good time with Tesfaye Gebrab meeting him some years ago in Rockvile Maryland having a good conversation with him. I gave him as a present an external drive of 500Gb in which he was happy at the time. I had a good time with him very hamble very curious and constantly asking every time while having a conversation. I guess that is his way to make later on to write a book. I am honord to meet him and having a conversation. The memory will be with me until I die. A big loos to Eritrea. RIP my friend

  2. ዓቢ መምህር። ከምዚ ዓይነት ሕማቕ ስምዒት ካብ ዝተሰምዓኒ ኣብ ሂወተይ ኢዩ፡ ናይ ክቡር ደራሲ ተስፋየ ገብሪኣብ።
    ክንዲ ሚልዮን ፡ንሱ ሓደ ኮሎ።


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