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Was there anything Europe could have done to prevent the war in Ukraine?

There were many things that the United States and Europe could have done to avoid the war in Ukraine!

One of them was not to expand NATO eastwards 

Another is the coup against the elected Ukrainian government in 2014, in which the United States and the European Union allies facilitated, in all possible ways, which led to Crimea voting to leave Ukraine and join Russia. This became the starting point for Donbass’s armed military resistance.

The US and EU also purposely ignored Russia’s concerns about a strong military Nazi Azov battalion within the Ukrainian army structure which is another point that can’t pass unmentioned. Azov is  a collection of Nazis from 22 different European countries that operates openly with the blessing of the US and EU. The Azov battalion operates as a strong stand alone military unit outside the Ukrainian military orbit, and yet as an integrated part of the army. This Nazi battalion’s dangerous doctrine directly compromises the rights of minorities in Ukraine which Ukrainian officials refused to admit. In 2014  more than 50 people were burned alive in Odessa city municipality building by this Azov battalion. No one was tried for the atrocities despite enough evidence.

The west’s misguided policy and endless greed has finally culminated into war and sadly and tragically the Ukrainian people have become the sacrificed lamb of the misadventures of the US and EU. 

The masses in the West are also victims of the ruthless propaganda to which they have been subjected for decades. The United States and Europe have succeeded in depriving the general masses the opportunity to analyze and independently examine different information. Through well-studied and sophisticated propaganda structure, the general masses were also deprived of the opportunity to access information. Source review was limited to referring only to one-sided western mainstream media presentations. Nuanced and balanced information was filtered out of the public periphery. The aggressive and persistent propaganda machine resulted in the public being held hostage to psychological manipulation and acquiring a worldview that it perceives as absolutely democratic, true and just. Reality contradicted the worldview that had taken the public hostage in the West.

Given the one sided worldview Westerners have, many innocent people do not even understand that there is always another side to a coin. Every time they encounter a critical voice about, for example, the current situation in Ukraine, emotions take over and the indoctrination is nakedly expressed. One of the arguments I encountered recently when I discussed the Russo-Ukraine conflict reads as follows.

“How happy you must be now that public opinion for NATO is greater in both Finland and Sweden. Ironically, is it soon a maneuver by Putin? He sent his soldiers to slaughter and you blame democracies in the West. Creep back under your rocks”

How can one argue with people who have been indoctrinated and lacking fundamental knowledge of basic geopolitics and anthropology, it is actually very sad state of mind

This kind of arrogance is the biggest problem! We are democratic, others are not, we are civilized, others are not, we should dictate over others and others should just follow … the list is long.

Who has asked the west of their missile driven democracy? We have seen how it destroyed functioning states. Countries has been bombed back to the stone age in the name of democracy. The opinion has always been steered by the dangerous dogma which has now manifested in uncontrolled emotion packed in necked racism.

To witness unprecedented and awful racism & discrimination against African and other brown color people in Ukraine while fleeing from the mayhem is disgraceful and inhumane. 

“Black and brown skin color people are not synonymous with refugees! Anyone could become a refugee. It is a thing which happens to you, it is NOT who you are. And who knows, maybe one day you become a refugee”—Trevor Noah

Despite claiming to have the most civilized system that maintains the civilized democracy institutions that enable freedom of expression, free access to information of all kinds, independent freedom of analysis, the general masses were fed with one-sided, distorted and unbalanced flow of information. In many cases even with naked lies, as in the case we saw in Iraq with the fabrications about “weapons of mass destruction.”

Last but not least, we the people of the global south will never forget the atrocities committed on us by the racist and hegemonic global north. For westerns who try to be moral police, we want to remind them the fact that what the they refer to as the mother of democracy, the United States, came into the world by committing genocide of natives Americans  and then building their empire and fortune through slave labour. 

We would also remind them that democracy is not an end goal by itself but a tool for achieving a dignified, peaceful, prosperous life of a population



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