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Live seminar by Tesfaye Gebreab on Publishing, Distribution and Reading

The prominent Author Tesfaye Gebreab will hold a digital seminar live direct from Asmara on Saturday 24 of April 6PM Central European Time, CET, 12PM New York Time, 7PM Asmara Time, 12AM Shanghai Time, 2AM Sydney Time

Tesfaye will brief us on the current states of the reading culture among Eritreans, the challenges all Eritrean Authors face when publishing books and the opportunities the diaspora Eritrean could capitalised in the Shida Book Renaissance Project led by Shida Center for Studies.

This seminar is organised by Eritrean Swedish Confederation in collaboration with Shida Media Network. The event will be live broadcasted world wild at www.facebook.com/erfis

Tesfaye Gebreab will also brief us on his latest book ባዓቲ ቲራቮሎ.

The book is titled “The Cave of Tiravolo” in A5 Size; It is a 238-page book, divided into three sections, with 20 chapters.

The first part of the book is ethnographic narratives. It tells the story of the culture and way of life of the people living in the northern part of Eritrea, along the coast and in the Gash Barka, as well as in the Dahlak Islands. This section narrates among others, a culture that dates back to the 16th century. For example, in the village of Agumit, in the Gash Barka zone, probably one of the most fascinating lifestyles on our planet, where; women and men have different systems of living in different villages but in one community. Men and women only meet when the sun goes down. This lifestyle has continued for the past 300 years.

Little is known about the history of the inhabitants of the Dihlak Islands. You can get a wonderful window view but with a very good details of the Dahlak inhabitants lifestyle in this section.

The second section of the book tells how Eritreans lived under Italian rule. At a time when black people were kept in the dark in what the colonists called the dark continent, it is not uncommon for Africans to forced into a war. What it is not known is that for example Eritrean were flying a fighter jet during World War I, Eritrean were among those very rare African jet pilot in WWI.

What was the life and thought of the people of Eritrea at the beginning of World War II? This section of the book explains this. Also in this section you can read the story of Zewdi Abraha, an Italian family worker. This is a historical account of how Eritrean youth lived in the 1940s and 50s.

The third part of the book tells the story of Eritreans’ struggle for independence. It tells the story of the political situation in the Horn of Africa during this horrific war. In this narrative, it is described the aspiration on how the countries of the Horn of Africa could work together to bring peace to their region, work hard in their own country and solve regional and common problems in a professional way instead of going into exile.


  1. Tack för infot.
    Tefaye Gebreab är en fantastiskt förfatare. Han bör läsas av alla #Eritreaner o #Ethiopier

    Jag ser fram emot att ta dell av föreläsningen.
    Jag önska honom allt gott och lycka!


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