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Saturday, October 2, 2021

The long awaited book (በዓቲ ቲራቮሎ) has been published

Ye-Tiravolo Washa (የቲራቮሎ ዋሻ) is published in Tigrigna (ትግርኛ)
A book in Amharic, previously published as Ye-Tiravolo Washa is now translated in to Tigrigna and printed out with the title “Beati Tiravolo” (በዓቲ ቲራቮሎ)
Hence, I would like to congratulate all my Tigrigna readers. The book is translated by the famous journalist and Author Solomon Berhe.
This book will be available in Asmara bookshops and stationery shops from March 10, 2021. (Next Week)
It is also expected to reach different towns such as Tesseney, Barentu, Keren, Mendefera, Massawa, Adi Keyih and Assab. It is my hope that the book will also be available at Dahlak Island as it contains a fraction of their story.
The publishing of this book is sponsored by twelve volunteer nationals who are residents of Gothenburg, Sweden. These nationals are interested in documentation of history which makes them a bit unique from other initiatives. The more we document our history the more we secure our future, hence this kind of initiative should be encouraged and shared world wide.
The sponsors are Theodros Mehari, Alem Zemo, Aron Paulos, Biniam Misghenna, Isaak Ghebray, Minassie Joseph, Kibrom Beyene, Paulos Amare, Amanuel Tewolde, Hagos Fesshaye, Isayas Tesfay and Tekle Yemane.
The initiative of these Eritreans has been a great inspiration to me and has a crucial role in publishing “Beati Tiravolo”. Thank you very much Gothenberg team!
I also call other Eritrean Diasporas to follow the examples of this initiative and support Eritrean writers in different Eritrean languages so that you play your part in the development of local literature and in building up reading culture in the country.
“Beati Tiravolo” is a book that narrates culture and traditions in a unique way. It is not a fiction and at the same time not a direct record of history. I believe that such approach will attract readers especially the youth. Learn culture and history as you enjoy the literature!
This month, the distribution of “Beati Tiravolo” will go out of Eritrea and expected to reach Europe, America, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other countries including Africa and Middle East. I promise to keep informing you the dates, distribution progress and the exact means to get the book.



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