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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

TPLF’s atrocity elapsed!!

Sitting on a the edge of a hill, at Derfo national park that has abundance of wild animals staring at nothing; trying to steal my thoughts away from what happened in the last four month with TPLF Weyane. It is the intrinsic fundamental nature of man that makes us think. People enjoy illusion, being told things that are not real; it takes away from the burden of reality.
There is a subconscious urge within to find peace, better life. No matter how much we think, dream about peace, wealth, longevity and personal equality in Africa the truth of the matter is; that is not the way it is.
Which brings me back to my taught; how could one be so vicious, hateful, evil, devastating, awkward, truculent and self-destructive. You can use as much adjectives you know to describe Wayne and it doesn’t suffice. In my adult years I haven’t read or heard of such criminal political organization. Why then do we witness some Eritreans and Tigrians advocate on behalf of this criminal political party that had been the cancer of East Africa?
There are individuals and groups Eritrean Quislings League (EQL). Who are trying to construct us forget the atrocities of Weyane and to conceal what we know of Weyane. EQL had the nerve to write letter to the United Nations requesting the Eritrean Army evacuate from Tigraye region. Furthermore; the Quislings League and Weyane lovers are advocating on behalf of its criminal leaders stating that Tigrai province is in disarray, human rights violation is being committed by the Ethiopian army, Amhara Special Forces and Eritrean army.
How can the Ethiopian people forget what happened to its Northern Front Army? The army that was hands and gloves with the people of Tigraye. They were there helping the population on the farm, building roads, schools, hospitals and many other social projects. Weyane took the first offensive while the army was asleep. Killed their own associates. Run over some of them with heavy trucks. Left the dead rotten to be eaten by wild animals. Weyane had planned after dismantling the Northern Front army to take over the Amhara region from there advance to Addis Ababa. To the North March to Eritrea and capture Asmara over throw the government and hand it over to the EQL. No wonder the EQL are so distressed, disturbed, dismayed that they were unable to sit on the Crown Throne of SHEABIA’s capital city Asmara.
Eritrean Quislings League have somehow obliterated what happened in 1998 or old age has affected their memories. Just to remind them that we didn’t forget let me say a few things.
Weyane declared war on Eritrea in 1998. They made three offensive attacks sustaining the death of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians. Deported Eritreans and Eth-Eritreans separating children from their parents, separating husbands and wives, disfranchising families. Many Eritreans who had worked for years lost their wealth. Homes were raided businesses taken over by Weyane associates. Held Eritrea hostage for 27 years with no peace no war. It’s not my place to talk about the atrocities that were committed inside Ethiopia by the Weyane regime on the Ethiopian people. By any measure it’s no less than what happened in Rwanda.
Knowing all these facts how can one advocate for the criminal organization Weyane. Weyane is done gone forever. Those who have tasted the sweetness of Weyanes looted money should stop crying foul and look for new clients.
The crybabies couldn’t face the truth that Weyane is dead and buried the funeral ceremony conducted. Feneto!! They foolishly, absurdly and idiotically claim that the Eritrean army has invaded Tigraye. EQL and their friends Weyane lovers were boastful and arrogantly stating that “Eritrea has no army. The army has deserted and has become refugees in Tigraye. The remaining army personnel are poorly trained and we can walk into Asmara without shooting a bullet”. You are now misleadingly declaring and alleging that it is the Eritrean army that had fished your masters Weyane in three weeks. What madness, insanity and psychosis.
The Eritrean Quislings League and Weyane lovers remind me of a story I read in mid-school. Authored by Addis Alemayeh.
“Hyena’s Love until distraught” Once upon a time a new virus comes and attacks cattle. Many died. The hyenas had plenty to eat. With no worries the hyena falls in love with a donkey marries a donkey and started living happily. After long the dead cattle was finished there was nothing for the hyena to feed on. Hunger has forced the hyena to hunt for food. He looked at his beloved wife and said “wow you are a donkey” he realized it was his meal than his wife. The poor donkey had ceased. At the end those who were paid servants of Weyane the EQL and Weyane lovers in no time will turn against the Weyane like the hyena did on his love the donkey.
Time has passed its getting dark at Derfo the wilderness is frightening better head back to Asmara before the hyenas come home.


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