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The politicization of Eritrea’s 3rd Patriarch, the truth behind all the hoopla!

I will start off this important discussion with a quote from the bible.

Revelation 21:4  says: He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

I am a proud Eritrean activist against all the lies being written and regurgitated by mainstream media and social media. I hope to expose the agenda of using religion and organizations based in western nations to destabilize Eritrea in particular and Africa. With respect to the religious institution that is the Eritrean Orthodox Synod, It is very important to understand that First comes COUNTRY because without a nation, we can’t even discuss anything that can be used to identify “ERITREA”. Yes, the almighty god is our creator and while our god remains within us, our creator also blessed us with different characteristic make up and a diverse society that we as a people must respect.

In Eritrea’s case many people DIED for their national identity and suffered for decades as they struggled to maintain the basic fundamental rights and what is rightfully theirs which is Their ERITREAN IDENTITY! One of the bright spots in Eritrean society is that religious harmony between several Christian denominations and our Islamic faith is a model for our world to learn from. The unity among people of all faiths as long as it respects the Eritrean values is engraved in the minds of the people of the country. It is a way of life to celebrate the national unity of our 9 different ethnic groups that can have different religious beliefs. Even those who have their own beliefs are allowed to practice it, as long as they don’t IMPOSE it on others. Eritrea got its independence by conducting a struggle that rejected sectarian activities among religious and ethnic lines.

First and foremost, It is important to note that the Patriarch Abuna Antonius was a blessed person to have lived a long life of 92 years. That is a blessing from God that most can’t claim. Despite all attempts to use the Patriarch’s older age for agendas funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a private organization funded largely by the U.S. Congress, the attempted mission to create division was foiled from the get-go. 

You see it was during the height of the years when the TPLF terrorist group was in power that using treasonous Eritreans by creating a network of people around the world the work to destabilize Eritrea was in full force. Cities like New York, Atlanta, Washington DC, Oakland, California, & Seattle just to name a few created a network of churches that disassociated themselves with the churches and the Eritrean Synod within Eritrea. They started to accuse people within their own communities of siding with the government in Eritrea making it a political playing field that allowed the enemies of Eritrea to take advantage of the DIVIDE & RULE strategy that the west uses to destabilize developing nations like Eritrea. In Eritrea’s case it became even more important as the diaspora plays a huge role in building their home country.

Every trick in the book was used to infiltrate the country and its leadership, be it religion or any option that could crack an open hole within the Eritrean society. Religion became the easy choice as many Eritreans worship and believe in their higher power. It is a long-held tradition and applies to all religions. Knowing these strong values, the enemies of Eritrea using international organizations like the Orthodox offices of Egypt and other religious institutions were working day and night to speed up the downfall of the country. Academics and pundits alike tried to use people within Eritrea to destabilize the nation, not truly understanding that in order to destabilize the nation you must win the people’s heart. The term “Victory to the Masses” can’t be cracked as that is the way of life in Eritrea. People take the value of life seriously and will not compromise the Eritrean nation.

It was within this context that the good man Patriarch Abuna Antonius was being used as a pawn to help destabilize the country. He said something dealing with politics that was very controversial. Before his spoken involvement in politics and national security issues the Patriarch was always a free man to express his beliefs, If he did not use the Orthodox offices to advocate for political scores or treasonous politicians that allowed many young Eritreans to perish in a war waged against the nation. He was able to do the great things he was good at without any pressure. However, forces from outside the country continued to infiltrate within the Orthodox Synod in Eritrea using his office to create many problems that endangered the security of the nation. After many warnings members of the government relations team respectfully engaged the Patriarch about his dangerous political and religious activities. He was never removed from his duties and continued to perform certain ceremonial functions until things were investigated.

As if he traveled around the world the claim that he was under virtual house arrest at his residence in Asmara became the talk of the town and the network of religious media organizations around the world who are hell bent on destroying the Eritrean religious harmony started to make the story news-headlines. 

The many groups funded by NED (National Endowment for Democracy) started a campaign of defamation to character assassinate the country and its president. Even the orthodox offices of Egypt under which the Eritrean orthodox church falls apologized for the many attempts that were being used to destabilize Eritrea by making the Patriarch a fake symbol of freedom when he in fact was free to do his job. 

He was even given special privileges and spoke in his own words that the people responsible for all his problems are those diaspora-based churches who do not have connections with the Eritrean synod. Eventually the use of his personal pontifical insignia was taken away from him because it was being abused by those working under him that were using it to advance the agenda of Eritrean enemies as the government does not get involved in church activities. Even today there are churches and organizations who continue to promote the agenda of divisive, ethnic, regionalist politics but they can’t and will never penetrate the Eritrean majority. 

May the good man rest in eternal peace and may god forgive him for his innocence mistakes. Those who worked to destabilize our nation and continue to work hard for the fall of the great Eritrean nation will not succeed. It is a proven fact that those who wished death in Eritrea are perishing like dust in front of our eyes. Meanwhile, we pray for all our Eritrean religious leaders to remain vigilant under very tough circumstances. 

For the Patriarch may God rest his soul and I end the post with a quote from the bible:

John 9:2-3 And His disciples asked Him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he would be born blind?” Jesus answered, “It was neither that this man sinned, nor his parents; but it was so that the works of God might be displayed in him.



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