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The people of Tigray will continue to exist & its aspirations & opportunities won’t be crippled by the fall of TPLF #NoMore ! Click To Tweet It’s sad history, b/c it’s an org for which the people of Tigray, believing tht it would guarantee their rights, worked tirelessly & sacrificed 1000s of lives. Unfortunately, maturity & competence of z leadership didn’t match z heavy price paid by ppl of Tigray #NoMore ! Click To Tweet TPLF was formed in Feb 1975 w/ the intention to guarantee the national rights of the Tigryan people, is in its final days after causing devastating calamity to the people of Tigray #NoMore ! Click To Tweet When TPLF started its struggle, from its manifesto of 1976, it was clear tht its stand alternated between forming an independent republic of Tigray & guarantying national rights of z ppl of Tigray within Ethiopia. TPLF had always dual aim & never had a clear stand #NoMore Click To Tweet In Feb 1985, Eritrean ppl Liberation Front, EPLF, issued declaration, demanding TPLF to clarify its relationship w/ all Ethiopian political forces & advised it to hv clearStand, to strive for equality & unity of all ppl of Eth. However, z advice was ignored #NoMore ! Click To Tweet Z source of Ethiopia’s current constitution, written 1993, was TPLF manifesto from 1976. At tht time, EPLF made its position clear, stating tht it’s impossible to form a prosperous & unified state w/ such ethnically divisivePolitics. z result is tangibly visible now #NoMore ! Click To Tweet Economic policy of TPLF in Ethiopia was exploitative in nature. After controlling power through sacrifice z ppl of Tigray paid, TPLF betrayed z aspirations & sacrifices of the people of Tigray & chose to focus on personal & familial enrichment of z leadership #NoMore Click To Tweet Servitude was historical error of TPLF. Instead of working for z interests of Eth & z region, TPLF aspired becoming regional hegemonist by means of donations & aid. Ultimately, ths led to its demise & its masters couldn’t save it from the fury of z people #NoMore Click To Tweet Although the virtuous people of Tigray don’t wish to extract others properties, w/ its expansionist ambitions, TPLF committed strategic mistakes by encroaching to territories of Amhara & Afar, by instigating a wars w/ Eritrean - the main neighbouring country of Tigray #NoMore Click To Tweet In 1998, with the backing of some external forces, the TPLF claimed Badme based on bold lies and it committed cardinal sin by misleading the people of Tigray and Ethiopia and by gambling with the lives and wealth of the Ethiopian people #NoMore Click To Tweet During its invasion, TPLF expelled Eritreans who lived in Ethiopia w/ unimaginable cruelty, aggression & expropriated their property. In places where it was able to reach during its invasion, TPLF destroyed cemeteries of Martyrs & committed numerous immoral crimes #NoMore Click To Tweet After z border decision, TPLF lied by declaring victory & made z ppl of Ethiopia dance on z graves of about 100,000 dear sons tht perished due to TPLF’s backward war tactics. By creating & sustaining ‘no war – no peace, it caused z loss of countless opportunities #NoMore ! Click To Tweet After TPLF was deposed from power in 2018, when the Ethiopian government accepted the implementation of the border decision, the TPLF had opportunity to correct one of its mistakes. However, entrenched among the people of Tigray, it started instead to create obstacles #NoMore ! Click To Tweet Finally, the TPLF continued to deceive the people of Tigray under the pretention that it is surrounded by enemies and in November 2020, based on military miscalculation, it committed historical mistake that facilitated its demise #NoMore ! Click To Tweet Z people of Tigray wants peace & prosperity. There’d be no other ambitions. Therefore, learning from those misadventures, z ppl of Tigray should discard those mistakes of TPLF; & working tirelessly for everlasting peace w/ all its neighbours is a duty not a choice! #NoMore ! Click To Tweet    










  • TPLF’s atrocities in the greater HoA
  • TFPL’s ethnic federalism impact in HoA
  • HoA intergovernmental joint engagements
  • The impact of TPLF´s misadventures in greater HoA
  • HoA nations shared experiences from TPLF´s misadventures
  • TPLF plundering of Ethiopia resources
  • US and Europe misinformed policies in HoA
  • Mainstream media’s biased reporting on HoA
  • The negative impact of NGOs in HoA
  • The negative impact of Human Rights organisation in HoA
  • Reality check of the greater on HoA
  • Constructive engagement EU and US with HoA nations

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