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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

UN is used as instrument by some of the organisation leaders

UN, since its early days, has compromised its core founding principles and soul purposes by being an instrument for criminal neocolonial hegemonists groups; who uses the UN organs to

  • Create vertical polarisation of societies
  • Instigating illicit activities
  • Commit human rights violations
  • Create conflicts and manage them


This corrupted organisation and its different entities/organs are cover ups for giant criminals orchestrated acts of terrors.
The hegemonists have manage to take over UN and have it as playgrounds to experience their power on countries they believe not serves their interests.

The agenda is clear, it’s to weaken and impoverish countries by creating havocs and looting the country’s rich resources.

The UN organs like UNSC, UNHCR, UNHC, OCHA… are systemic structures of the deep rooted colonial exploration of “modern days”. These organs are also designed to work as extension tools to sustain crises and prolonging the suffering of people, crippling the societies and their structures and ultimately; to exploit and loot the resources without any threat and forever.

Despite the pretensions of this organisation upholding cosmetics charters, the record of committed atrocities are there to speak for themselves.

Eritrea is not exceptional, it have been victim of these reckless neocolonialist groups who deprived its right to live in peace for over 70 years.

The latest act of violation were exposed when the OCHA tried to design and implement yet another border conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia by publishing a map of Northern Ethiopia region which violates the territorial integrity of Eritrea.
Eritrean follows every steps of these gangsters and we Eritreans are well verse with the machiavellian acts of UN organs.

Nothing about these criminal organs surprises us anymore and we do not believe the latest violation was a mistake by OCHA either. It’s rather a pattern we have seen before. We reject the attempt and keep OCHA accountable for the criminal act.

We Eritrean strongly condemned OCHA’s violation and demand the immediate withdrawal of the map it has published in social media on Feb 20, 2021 See Less


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